Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage & Family Therapy

Helping people improve their most important relationships.

Marriage / Couples Counseling

Has nearly every conversation become a battle? Have you stopped trying to connect and just accepted the emotional distance between you? Maybe you have started to wonder if you’d be better off alone.

Good marriage therapy is about helping you each understand how to manage your part of a healthier relationship. Our sessions help you talk about the hard issues that have caused avoidance, conflict, or chaos. Our conversations can help you express your need for one another, imagine new ways to solve old problems, and work together to restore a happier love relationship, even if some problems persist.

I offer the model of short-term Discernment Counseling to couples who feel on the brink of divorce, but would benefit from guided conversations, alone and with their spouse, about the next steps for their marriage.

My unique expertise is working with long-term marriage partners. There are special challenges living with a spouse for 25 years or more. I help couples have hard discussions they can’t seem to have well on their own. You may need help talking about sexuality and your emotional connection; other couples need help working through health issues, retirement, or adult children problems. Still others need to finally address the probability of separation or divorce. Whatever the struggle, I love helping couples re-invest in their partners, their families, and themselves.

I also work with unmarried or partnered couples with the same tools and skills, including premarital couples who want to learn more about how they can and will function together.

Individual Therapy

I see a wide range of individual clients, adolescents to seniors, who hope to improve their emotional functioning. Because I practice from a systems perspective, I’ll ask about your family of origin, close relationships, life decisions, core values and personal resources. From there, we’ll aim for your healing and growth.

I have particular skill and experience helping individual clients with family of origin problems, personality and identity issues, anxiety, and issues of grief, loss, and chronic illness. With professional training in both theology and mental health, I enjoy helping clients better utilize the resources of their own spirituality to generate healing and renewal.

Family Therapy 

Families who are managing significant stress, especially those with painful parent/child relationships, newly divorced or blended/remarried families, and those experiencing the sudden death of a loved one, may find it healing to see a therapist for coaching and encouragement.

Families can be seen together, in small groups of siblings, multi-generationally, or in any combination of relationship.

Appointments / How to Contact Me 

I see clients at my private office at The Summit Executive Offices building, 1500 McAndrews Rd. West, Burnsville, Minnesota. Daytime & early evening sessions are by appointment only.

Please contact me by telephone at : 612-735-2229. Confidential voice mail can be left for me 24 hours a day, and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.