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AAMFT Approved Supervisor          
I offer individual and dyad supervision (1-2 hours) for LAMFT post-grad working toward licensure, and am a MBBHT Approved Supervisor for LPC/LPCC students seeking individual supervision from a systemic, relational perspective.

I view supervision as a personal and professional conversation in which we all grow through case consultation, focus on our “selves as therapists,” and high professional ethics. Times are flexible and by mutual agreement. Cost: $60/hour/dyad, $120/hour/individual.

Mindful Meditation:
Is anxiety ruining your daily life? Of all the practices known to decrease the anxious mind, meditation is perhaps the most important. The phone app  Calm  is probably the most flexible, beautiful and customized tool to learn and practice this powerful mental skill I’ve used.

Psychology Information: 
PsychCentral is a great, professionally written site for all things of the mind and emotions. Join for free and be part of online discussion forums.

Alcohol Abuse / Addiction / Alcoholism :  The regular abuse of alcohol can lead to addiction very quickly.  Alcoholism Guide is a great online resource to learn more about dealing with alcoholism in yourself or loved one.

HeartMath “Inner Coherence” : 
Along with the brain, the heart and the digestive systems each have their own rhythmic electrical impulses controlling our bodies. The HearthMathInstitute has powerful self-help techniques to bring a stressed heart and mind into coherence.

Guided Imagery: 
By using guided imagery to calm the mind and relax the body, we can have a significant impact on the way we experience our physical and emotional health. Health Journeys is the website of Belleruth Naparstek, the national expert on guided imagery practice.

Better Sleep: has information, research and advocacy for improving our sleeping lives.

Prayer on the Web: 
Sacred Space invites visitors to common prayer. Daily refections, biblical readings and prayer requests from all over the world are part of this spiritual community.

Spiritual Practices: 
Spirituality and Practice is a rich resource for all who seek to deepen the way they live out their faith. This website is fascinating to explore.

Be Constantly Inspired: 
Connect to some of the best media coverage of belief, values and meaning on public radio and the internet, On Being.

You Are Not Alone: 
PostSecret is a wonderful blog art project reminding us that we share so much as human beings, perhaps our unspoken secrets most of all.

Divorce and Co-Parenting:
Couples who are planning to divorce must take special care with their children throughout the process. The Custody Exchange has created a very helpful guide to help you parent well through this difficult change in the family.