Glad They Didn’t Call

A couple of weeks back I wrote an essay for the Savage Pacer, one of the columns I have done for the paper every few weeks or so since 1997. This time, I wrote about my disgust with the Roman Catholic leadership about the decades of cover ups of child abuse and pedophilia that continue to be discovered. I am just one of the hundreds of people writing, blogging, speaking, and interviewing recently on this continuing scandal. My ideas are certainly not unique in any way, and are informed by my 25+ years of study and personal service as a pastor of the Church.

Want to read it? Here it is:  Savage Pacer column

It generated a lot of feedback. I’m happy I have more than a few readers, and that I can continue to inspire people with my words. But the most angry people respond, of course, and their letters to the editor were printed in the paper last week. I decided I didn’t need to read them myself. I guess they were pointed upset and shocked. I’m just glad they didn’t write to me at my house, or call me personally. For that, I thank those readers.

Those who agree with me, who have applauded my point of view, are not members of the Roman Church. They are my Lutheran, Episcopalian, and other religious and non-religious friends and readers, who see the same things I do, and despair that this Pope will make significant changes in the design and culture of Roman Catholic institutions.

With my column, I haven’t made any new friends in the local Roman church, and I may have lost some. But I guess that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to think and write about what is out in the world through a spiritual lens. Pedophilia and child abuse is part of the Church. If the safety of children in the Christian community isn’t assured by every Christian, we have no business claiming to be communities that follow Jesus.

Despite all the emotion and distress by loyal believers, it’s just that simple.

2 thoughts on “Glad They Didn’t Call”

  1. Thanks so much, Claudia, for your loving comments. I so appreciate them, and you! (Are you and Bill one of my blog's “followers?”) 🙂

  2. I came across your blog by accident today looking for the email address to Hope Lutheran. I enjoy your blog. I said much of the same things to Bill yesterday about this particular one. I am so happy for you in your profession. Being a former psych nurse, I know how important is for someone like you to provide this to those in need. Your clients are very fortunate. It was great seeing you at hope last year..wouldnt you know it was about the only time there wasnt coffee afterwards as so many wanted to talk with you.
    Claudia Porter

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