No More Comments

I spend some time every day on the internet, social media and news sites included. I have come to the belated conclusion that comments on stories should go the way of dinosaurs.

In my lifetime, I have had to face, listen to and read more than my fair share of ignorant, hateful and biased responses to things I have said, written or decided. Now that I am no longer a public leader (thanks be to God), I don’t have to subject myself to that kind of human detritus any more. So why do I do it online?

I’m convinced the ability to post whatever comes to mind is one of the worst things about technology in our generation. People can wound, judge, belittle and hurt others without the normal consequences of face to face communication.

So here’s to trying to ignore anonymous rantings on public stories. I’m going to try to hold on to my tenuous belief that the more educated, thoughtful and socially responsible people in the world don’t write comments because they are too busy being useful, kind and helpful in the world.

As for you haters out there, I’m so done wasting my time on you. You never grow up, and you never go away. Time I do.

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